Question: how to produce Inert integral( dx) in Maple? For display/latex purposes only

I use Int to show some step before evaluating it to become normal int

I'd like to show the following when the integrand is one:

But Int(x) does not work, and Int(,x) gives syntax error. So only choice is to use Int(1,x) which does not look as nice as the above

Is there a trick to use? i.e. when the integrand is one, I want to display it as the first image and not as the second image. This is just to make the Latex look a little nicer only.

I tried few things, but nothing worked so far, as Int needs something there where I want the empty spot to be (There is actually 1 there ofcourse, but I do not want to show the 1).

May be we need a Latex settings for this?  Or interface setting?

Maple 2022.1

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