Question: Problem with long description in a procedure

I have a long description that contains some Maple commands.
I dont want to use # as the lines dont show up when i use

    interface(verboseproc = 3);
    printf("%P", eval(a));
end proc

The long description is. Any way around the problem?  

Test:=proc(A,B,C)  description  "Computes projective line through 2 projective points or intersert of 2 projective lines as a projective point or coincidence of piont  line   
 Does some checking on validity of inputs.   
Mobposn:- Global Variable, must = 1 or 3. 
Points are returned as <1,x,y> or <x,y,1>   
 Lines are returned as <z,x,y> or <x,y,z>,  
normalgpt :- Global Variable must be 0 or 1. 
Points with algecraic elements are not reduced to <1,x,y> or <x,y,1> if 0  
 Points are defined as row vectors and  lines as column `vectors"`; 


 end proc;
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