Question: How to link formal typeset notation to the Maple operations implied.

I am composing a note using a maple document to demonstrate how the  mathematics from a text (that I find rather dense) can be unfolded into actual calculations using Maple.   My problem is to relate a typeset expression to actual Maple notation that bears no resemblance to the formal expression.

What I would like to do is to convert the typeset notation into a maple name which I can then associate with the calculation written in the functional notation.  For example, the quantity

|A0|2 := leftcontract(reverse(A0),A0);

When I use convert(|A0|2, name);   The result is abs(A[0] ^2 ) which isn’t typeset.

Similarly, the use of single left quotes around the expression as in ` |A0|2 ` it produces an error message when I test the result.  

type( ` |A0|2 ` ,name);
 Error, mismatched or missing bracket/operator

Admittedly, for ordinary calculations, just using any convenient name is more than satisfactory. However, in this case, where I’m trying to link together formal mathematical notation with the Maple operations it implies, being able to link the calculations to a special typeset same would be useful.

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