Question: Why are liberal double and triple subscripted variables bracketed by primes " ' " in Maple 2022.2?

I recently upgraded from Maple 2019.2 directly to Maple 2022.2. I now have a problem with any double or triple literal subscripted variable in old worksheets or in new ones under Maple 2022.2. Double and triple indexed subscripts work just fine under Maple 2019.2.

If in Maple 2022.2 I enter X__a I get a proper Xa.  If I enter Y__a,b I get 'Ya,b' Note the leading prime preceeding the Y and the trailing prime following the subscript b down at the subscript level. This behavior holds for triple literal subscripts.

On the other hand, indexed subscripts work just fine in Maple 2022.2. If I enter X[a] I get Xa. If I enter Y[a, b] I get Ya,b .

How do I fix this behavior? When did it start? My jump from Maple 2019.2 to Maple 2022.2 was due to changing companies during the Covid period. I am using Maple on a Mac.

I have not tested literal superscripts or combinations of literal subscripts and superscripts.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I use literal double and triple suscripts all the time to distinguish between vector and matrix components in different coordinate systems.

Neill Smith

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