Question: 'solve' does not solve the equation and returns RootOf(...). remove_RootOf results in 0=0.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I cannot get a solution from this equation. Can someone show me how to find (a) solution(s) for it?

This is what I look for: The 'height' of a parabola expressed in terms of its arc length and its radius.

Hence, I would love to solve one of these two (equal) expressions:

solve(L = sqrt(a^2 + 4*h^2) + a^2/(2*h)*arcsinh(2*h/a), h)

solve(L = a^2*(h*sqrt(1 + 4*h^2/a^2)/a + 1/2*ln(2*h/a + sqrt(1 + 4*h^2/a^2)))/h, h)

Thank you for trying out !

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