Question: Error, missing operation after conditional break

I am trying to run this procedure, but am getting an "Error, missing operation", highlighting the conditional break:

is_prime := proc()
     local i, x_check;
     printf(`Enter an integer to check if it is a prime number...`);
     if x_check<=2 then
         printf(cat(x_check,` is a prime number.`));
         for i from 2 to x_check-1 do
               if (irem(x_check,i)=0) then
                  printf(cat(x_check,` is not a prime number.`));
                  break 2;
             end if;
           end do;
         printf(cat(x_check,` is a prime number.`));
      end if;
end proc:

If I don't include the integer, I am able to run the procedure, but it does not function like I would like it to. I am running Maple 2022, and can sucessfully run the example conditional break code in the Help. What is wrong with my use of break?

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