Question: Internal setting in module/package Question

This question is related to the Question Application of how to test types in a module?

I have in internal procedure ppp that has an input prjpsn:=3. This set a Vector positions of x,y,z to either if prjpsn=1 

zpsn=1,   xpsn=2,  ypsn=3

or if prjpsn =3   

xpsn=1,   ypsn=2, zpsn=3

This then are used in another procedure. I can't get the values to transfere.  prjpsn would default to 3 in the module but can be set externally to 1 if needed.
The relevant parts are highlighted in green text. Cant get the worksheet to display.

Maple Worksheet - Errorprjpsn:=3

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


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