Question: Data separated by semicolon, mixed use of comma and dot as decimal sign. How can I import this ?

Dear Forum,

I get data from a mass-spectrometer and want to do some analysis on it . 

What I get looks like this : ( only a few lines, the files are very large )

t[s]; scanId; m/z; I[A]; pTot[mbar]
2.00;0;0; 0.000000e+000; 0.000000e+000
4.00;0;0; 0.000000e+000; 0.000000e+000
441.00;0;0; 0.000000e+000;1,29E+00
443.00;0;0; 0.000000e+000;1,29E+00
453.00;0;0; 0.000000e+000;1,26E+00
455.00;0;0; 0.000000e+000;1,24E+00
463.00;1; 0.390625;8,14E-05;1,23E+00
464.00;1; 0.40625;1,23E-04;1,43E+00
464.00;1; 0.421875;1,73E-04;1,43E+00
464.00;1; 0.4375;2,27E-04;1,43E+00
464.00;1; 0.453125;2,77E-04;1,43E+00

When I add some blanks, it looks like this :  

t[s];        scanId;   m/z;              I[A];               pTot[mbar]

464.00;  1;           0.421875;     1,73E-04;     1,43E+00

The columns are separated by semicolon

t[s]  and m/z are separated with a dot,  I[A]  and p come as exponentials with a comma.

When I try to import this  with

 BKK := Import("H:\\Maple\\Spielwiese\\BGSample.csv")

I get a DataFrame with two columns -correct-  because there are two commas. 

Is there a way to import such data without preprocessing into maple ?

I include the data file, had to change the suffix to .txt - the original is .csv

Thank you and kind regards, 


BKK := Import("H:\\Maple\\Spielwiese\\BGSample.csv")

module DataFrame () description "two-dimensional rich data container"; local columns, rows, data, binder; option object(BaseDataObject); end module


BKK[10, 1] = 27.NULL



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