Question: Maple error when using {} as assuming. Error, (in convert/multiset) too many levels of recursion

in my program, I keep assumptions in a set. Sometimes this is empty if no assumptions are used. This never caused a problem before (at least I do not think so, else I would have seen it) when using empty {} in assuming, except for now.

Here is one example below. Is this a known problem? I noticed when changing {} to [] the error goes away. I am not sure why, and if this is known issue. But will change from a set to a list to avoid this. 

Maple 2022.2 on windows 10


`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2022.2, Windows 10, October 23 2022 Build ID 1657361`


`The "Physics Updates" version in the MapleCloud is 1392 and is the same as the version installed in this computer, created 2023, February 13, 12:58 hours Pacific Time.`


ode:=diff(diff(y(x),x),x)+diff(y(x),x)^2+diff(y(x),x) = 0;
ic:=y(0) = 0;
sol:=y(x) = -ln(exp(x))+ln(-1+_C1*exp(x))-ln(-1+_C1);

diff(diff(y(x), x), x)+(diff(y(x), x))^2+diff(y(x), x) = 0

y(0) = 0

y(x) = -ln(exp(x))+ln(-1+_C1*exp(x))-ln(-1+_C1)

odetest(sol,[ode,ic]) assuming {};

Error, (in convert/multiset) too many levels of recursion

odetest(sol,[ode,ic]) assuming [];

[0, 0]

odetest(sol,[ode, ic]);

[0, 0]



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