Question: How to produce this solution in Maple. Result from Mathematica's FindInstance.

I am converting some code from Mathematica. In it there is this solution


Which gives

{{c0 -> 0, c1 -> 0, c2 -> 1/2, c3 -> 1/3, c4 -> -(1/24)}}

Maple's solve gives

eqs := [2*c2 + c0 = 1, 6*c3 + 2*c1 = 2, 3*c2 + 12*c4 = 1];
sol:=solve(eqs, {c0, c1, c2, c3, c4})


sol := {c0 = 1/3 + 8*c4, c1 = -3*c3 + 1, c2 = 1/3 - 4*c4, c3 = c3, c4 = c4}

I know that both are correct solutions. But I'am asking if there is a command or an option I overlooked that will generate the same result as the above from FindInstance, which will make it easier for me.

May be there is another solver package or command I could try?

I am not sure what algorithm FindInstance uses. The documentation page does not say.

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