Question: is it possible to identify mserver.exe in task manager with which worksheet it is connected to?

I always run with the option "create a new engine for each document". which is a very nice feature in Maple.

The problem is that, when I have say 5 worksheets open and running, and one of them them hangs, I need to kill mserver.,exe from the task manager which is running this worksheet. 

most of the times I end up killing the wrong mserver.exe. I can sometimes guess by the CPU it is using. But if I have two running with high CPU it is not possible guess.

There is no ID or anything associated with the name. It will be nice if each process has in its name an ID which is also displayed in the worksheet bottom bar so one knows. This ID could be simply some random number. So the display will show  mserver-13847,exe ,   mserver-82739,exe and so on. And this name will be automtically displayed at the bottom bar of the worksheet where all time used, cpu used and memory used and so on is now displayed.  This will be a nice feature to add to Maple.  

If this is not possible, how about just displaying the PID (process ID)  of the mserver.exe connected to the worksheet in the bottom bar? This will also work, as task manager/details lists a processes with the PID there, so it will make it easy to find.

Meanwhile, while waiting for Maple 2033 to hopefully implement this feature, does anyone know of a method to help find which mserver.,exe is connected to which specific worksheet?

Windows 10.

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