Question: Where do I report community abuse?

I have posted a question in the last couple of days:

which was taken down by this member:

where (s)he posted in a previous question of mine, that the new question is a duplicate.

You cannot find his/her reply where (s(he states that the question is a duplicate.

I have replied to his/her reply and explained that my new question is not a duplicate.

(S)he deleted his initial reply together with my reply, and substituted it with what you can see on the page now:

Please stop posting completely separate new Question threads on this issue.

This person wrongly declared that my question is a duplicate, and did not even bother to take into account my reply. (S)he can delete whatever (s)he wants, and just barks orders.

Now, is this really normal support behaviour? Why is this person shutting my questions down? Is this the kind of support a person gets for paying for an expensive software?

Where do I escalate this issue?

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