Question: Unicode support for Maple 2023

How do I display Unicode characters in Maple 2023?  From the user manual, it seems like this should be supported, but all I see are tofu characters (empty white boxes) and/or question marks.  I have the correct Windows fonts installed for Unicode support and the characters display correctly in Microsoft Notepad.

For example, in sexagesimal (base-60) cuneiform, 1 = 𒐕 (𒐕), 2 = 𒐖 (𒐖), 3 = 𒐗 (𒐗), etc.  If the cuneiform characters display on your web browser, then you should have the correct fonts installed, but they don't display on Maple.  Using the special characters as numerical constants, then you should be able to say in Maple:

𒐕 := 1;
𒐖 := 2;
𒐗 := 3;

I tried adding "with(XMLTools):" and "with(StringTools):" but that didn't help, nor did "DecodeEntities("𒐕");".

Even more problematic than simply not displaying the characters, but Maple does not seem to be able to save these characters as constants.  All three characters save as the value "3" instead of 1, 2, and 3, so that the sum of 𒐕 (1) and 𒐖 (2) equals 6 instead of 3.  Something else wrong is that I see two tofu boxes and/or two question marks for a single cuneiform character.  Not sure if this is a bug with Maple 2023.

I seem to have the same problem with က (က) and 𐀀 (𐀀) but not with Ā (Ā) so it looks like maybe there is not full Unicode support for Maple 2023?  𐀀 displays as two missing characters which somehow is already saved as the decimal value 3 whereas က displays as a single missing character with no defined value.

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