Question: any number in any base

Is there a way to express any number in any number base using Maple?

Start with converting any positive real number (rational or irrational) into any positive real number base (rational or irrational), such as: what is "1/65536" in base "999" or what is "sqrt(2)" in base "exp(1)"?

But also for negative, imaginary, and complex numbers: for example, what is "(1/3)-sqrt(3)*I" in base "-Pi*I"?

Specifically, I would like to know what are the first 1024 digits of "exp(1)" in base 16777216, but a general function to convert any number into any base would be preferred.  Base 16777216 is a fun example since each digit can be expressed as a hexadecimal color (from #000000 to #ffffff) on a computer monitor.  Not sure how to get Maple to color the digits automatically though.

It's unfortunate that the "convert/base" feature on Maple only works for integers and bases that are positive integers.

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