Question: how to solve this equation in maple?

i want to solve..this what is happening..i used maple not a long time me

restart; with(LinearAlgebra)

i := 1;



w := c[i]*(x/a)^(i+1)*(1-x/a)^2*(y/b)^(i+1)*(1-y/b)^2;



(1/2)*(int(int([D__11*(diff(w, x, x))^2+2*D__12*(diff(w, x, x))*(diff(w, y, y))+4*D[66]*(diff(w, x, y))^2+D[22]*(diff(w, y, y))^2-2*q*w], x = 0 .. b), y = 0 .. a))

Error, (in int) wrong number (or type) of arguments: for an operator integrand a range without a variable of integration is expected, got x = 0 .. b




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