Question: How to use any number of expressions or multiple graphics as a node label for GraphTheory[DrawGraph]?

For example, I'd like to do something like this (and then plot the graph): 

 # display LaTeX markup
label__1 := '"\[\cfrac{\biguplus_\LaTeX}{{\color{red}\leadsto}^\unicode{2254}}\]"':
 # display non-executable notation
label__2 := '(Product(Int(i, j), Sum(k, l)) %assuming convert(log2(1 - 'x'), confrac, subdiagonal))':
 # display graphical object
label__3 := 'plots:-display(plottools:-stellate(plottools:-icosahedron()))':
 # note that the desired one is label instead of legend
GraphTheory:-RelabelVertices(`some graph with 3 nodes`, [label__1, label__2, label__3]):

But unfortunately, the second argument of GraphTheory:-RelabelVertices must be of type list({indexed, integer, string, symbol}), and the GraphTheory:-SetVertexAttribute command doesn't work here. Is it possible to do so in Maple® (rather than in other mathematical softwares)?


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