Question: Undefined integral of zero.

The following 2D integrals of 0 are seemingly trivial and one would expect them to evaluate to zero, but Maple evaluates them to undefined

int(0, x=0..infinity, y=0..1) # undefined
int(0, x=0..1, y=0..infinity) # undefined

When the 2D integral is split into two 1D integrals, it does evaluate to zero, as the following examples show

int(0,x=0..infinity) # 0
int(int(0,x=0..infinity), y=0..1) # 0
int(int(0,x=0..1),y=0..infinity) # 0

If infinity is replaced by a variable (say 'c'), the first two integrals are also evaluated to zero.

It may be connected by the following

int(a, x=0..infinity, y=0..1) # a*infinity
int(a, x=0..1, y=0..infinity) # a*infinity
int(a,x=0..infinity) # signum(a)*infinity

So for the 1D integrals the signum is applied to 'a' when the interval is infinite, but not for the 2D integrals. I'm not sure about this difference.

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