Question: Error in solve(): 'badly formed input to solve: not fully algebraic'. Why?

Please check:

My end goal is to find the following three expressions:

chi_1 := collect(X_A,[nnu[1],nnu[2]]);

chi_2 := collect(X_B,[nnu[1],nnu[2]]);

chi_3 := collect(X_C,[nnu[1],nnu[2]]);

I expect these three expressions to be linear combinations of random variables nu[1] (nnu[1]) and nu[2] (nnu[2]).

While calling solve(), I encounter this error:

Error, (in assuming) when calling 'SolveTools:-Engine:-Dispatch'. Received: 'badly formed input to solve: not fully algebraic'

What is exactly the issue here? If it can help you answer my doubt, that argmin expression I defined is composed by conditional means and variances which I computed as in here:

The two formulas I am trying to implement in Maple are conditional distribution of a multivariate normal distributionAm I already doing any mistake in An alternative interpretation of mine for these two formulas is: Please check the light-blue-highlighted differences in the conditional variance calculation. This alternative interpretation leads to, which I also can't solve() (solver stuck in "evaluating") but at least I don't get the error mentioned above...

I am a bit lost to be honest: Is Finding_Chi_Version1 or Finding_Chi_Version2 the correct interpretation? 


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