Question: Fourier Series package installation problem

Dear all:

    I am using maple2022 to learn Fourier Series package - Maple Application Center ( . the author provide the package here:  I use the lastest version: Package FourierTrigSeries version 0.41 

there is no .mla so I do not know how to use this package.(the package is a little old). 

please enlight me if you know how to install this old package.

but the author provide the code inside fourierseries-structs.mws 

here is what I do:

1. first delete some lines which is not useful(which I shared in the attachment as

and remain everything inside module and save as .mw (maybe the orginal .mws is a old version of maple files)

2. export as .FourierTrigSeries.mpl (also attached)

3. use the examples.mws (the code also from author)

I got error as:

the package can be recognized, but the first line wil give some error which is out of my knowledge field.

everything mentioned above is here, including the original author's files.

Could you please have a look. your idea is valuable to me.

PS: this package is not available The Fourier Series package for Maple - Maple Application Center ( whenI try to learn  Teaching Fourier Series with Maple II 

if anyone keep it before, please share it.

thanks for your help.


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