Question: How to assign a constant to a name starting with a Greek letter?

There appears to be a bug in Maple 2023 where constants beginning with a Greek letter cannot be saved.  Assigning a constant to a Greek letter works in the Maple interface but does not work when reading an MPL file encoded as UTF-8.  Example:

read "D:/Nikki/docs/Maple/constants.mpl" :

MPL file contents:

alias(asec=arcsec) : # arcsecant

ζX1 := asec(1) : # first airmass zenith angle
ζX2 := asec(2) : # second airmass zenith angle

The constant "ζX1" can be assigned/saved in Maple but shows as unassigned when imported from an MPL file encoded as UTF-8.

Any assistance in how to use Greek letters in MPL files is much appreciated.

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