Question: workaround to integrating this

I am surprised Maple could not do this integral. Any ideas how to make it do it?

integrand:=(ln(-x + sqrt(x^2 - 1))*x + sqrt(x^2 - 1))*x*sqrt(-x^2 + 1)/sqrt(x^2 - 1);

For reference, another software gives

integrand = (Log[-x + Sqrt[x^2 - 1]]*x + Sqrt[x^2 - 1])*x*Sqrt[-x^2 + 1]/Sqrt[x^2 - 1]
Integrate[integrand, x]

Which I verified to be correct.

Any workarounds? I tried assuming x>0 for example. Not sure what else to try now. I am sure with some pre-processing Maple can do it. 

Maple 2023

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