Question: Questions on Visualization Methods

I'm attempting to visualize temperature averages across a 2 dimentional space (e.g., a square plate) with fixed heat sources. The 3rd dimension (z axis) represents temperature.  I have created several visualizations but have questions about how these plots work.  The model is attached and the questions will make sense once you open the worksheet.

  1. Using the "colorscheme" option on a couple of matrixplots, I get the error "[Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]" and the plot doesn't show.  However using the "display()" command on those same plots does render the plot.  Is there a way around this error (i.e., rendering the plot directly) or should I just suppress the error using a colon at the end of the plot statement and rely on display() to show the plot?
  2. I've created a heat map as one of the visualizations.  Is there a way to access the color values at each of the "cells" of the heat map? I would like to use these colors elsewhere in the model but I'm not sure if there is a way to access the color values.
  3. Using a 3D point plot as one of the visualization options, I use the colorschemes with options "xgradient", "ygradient", and "zgradient".  For some reason, "xgradient" and "ygradient" work as expected but "zgradient" looks the same as "ygradient".  How do I get the color transition to change along the z axis rather than only x and y axes?

Thank you for your help on these questions.


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