Question: how to run a maple aplication on ipad (with maple player ?)

I have written a maple-code that is visualizing cycles or periods of inverse numbers in any base in a coloured plot.

For example 1/13=0,76923 076923 ... (so period-lenght is 6, the cycle-digits are visualized)

Now I would like to run the Maple Code wich produces the plot (via display-comand) on an ipad.

The ipad will be located in a museum or galerie. In the most easily way the user just touch a button on the ipad-screen and the maple-code produces a random plot which is displayed. Later some choosable parameters for the plot are added.

I have make some tests with embedded components in Maple.

So my idea is to do this with maple-player. I read about Maple Player features:

- Interact with applications that make use of embedded components, such as sliders, buttons, and math entry boxes. Maple will perform the computations and display updated results and visualizations


1) how do I run Maple code in Maple Player (a little example with a button- and a plot-component will help)

2) do I need to upgrade Maple 2021  to do that ?

3) What does a mapleplayer license cost for each ipad ?

Thanks for support :)

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