Question: improving phaseplot for system of ode's

Given a system of 2 first order ode's which are autonomous (i.e. the RHS does not explicitly depend on time), one can make phase plot in Maple using DEtools:-DEplot

I am trying to get my Maple output to look like I get with Mathematica. I am getting close, but there are two issues. First, here is what I get in Maple



                           t=0..1,x = -4..4, y = -4..4,arrows=curve,linecolor=red,
                           numpoints =300,arrowsize='magnitude',scene=[x(t),y(t)]);

Here is the same thing in Mathematica


StreamPlot[{2 x*y,1-x^2-y^2},{x,-4,4},{y,-4,4},

Is it possible to get the arrows to be stream lines similar to how they show up? Also, the axes labels in Maple are internal and hard to see. Is it possible to have on the outside like above so they are easier to see?

On a side question: Should one use DEtools:-DEplot or DEtools:-phaseportrait I could never understand when to use one vs. the other.

Maple 2023.2 on windows

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