Question: how to have two debugging sessions running at same time from two different worksheets?

I wanted to debug some code from worksheet A.  So added DEBUG(); command in the code where I want to start the GUI debugger from, and then run the command from the worksheet. All is working OK. the debugger GUI comes up and I can step in. 

Now I wanted to debug some other code from worksheet B. But without closing the currect debugger which is open and running.

It turned out this is not possible.  When running debugger from worksheet B, it uses the same debugger GUI that was up and running. I think it closed that session automtically also.

So basically using same Maple process, one can't open two debgging sessions at same time? Is there a way around this.

I run each worksheet using its own math engine. So each is separated from each other.

But this is first time I wanted to debug two things at same time, i.e. side by side, thinking I will be able to open two GUI debuggers at same time.

I know ofcourse I can open two separate Maple processes and then I will be able to do this. I think I am allowed to have two Maple's open at same time. Will try that next.

But it will be better if one is able to open two debuggers from same Maple at same time. I do not see why this should not be possible.

Any suggestions if there is a workaround? May be some hidden setting that allows this?

Maple 2023.2.1 on windows 10

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