Question: how to check in Maple result contains one of its own symbols such as _Z1 or _C1 in its result?

What is the correct way, in code, to check if Maple result contains any one of its own global build in symbols such as _Z or _C or any such symbol it uses?

I need to bypass this result. Currently I check explicitly, but I am sure there is a better way. Here is an example


This returns 

Currently I do 

if has(r,_Z1)  or has(r,_Z2) or has(r,_Z3) then

same for _C1, _C2., etc...

But this method is not robust. The problem is that _Z1 is symbol. So I can't check for symbol type in the  result as result could possibly have one of my own symbols there depending on input.

Is there  better way to do this? I am only asking about output of discont here and not any other Maple function. I assume discont uses _Zn only but I am not sure. It could use different symbol? 

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