Question: Complex radiant exitance?

evalf(Pi*int(2*299792458^2*662607015*10^(-8)*10^(-34)/((exp(299792458*662607015*10^(-8)*10^(-34)/(1380649*10^(-6)*10^(-23)*lambda*5772.0)) - 1)*lambda^5), lambda = 0 .. infinity));

returns a complex number for the Solar radiant exitance in watts per square meter with an effective blackbody temperature of "5772.0" kelvins.

Replacing "5772.0" with an exact "5772" gives the correct answer though.  The nominal Solar temperature is defined as exactly 5772 kelvins whereas the physical Solar effective temperature is 5772.0 K (+/-) 0.8 K.

Is there a way to get Maple 2023 to avoid outputting these types of errors when using nonexact quantities?

I tried replacing "5772.0" with "5772.00000000001" and "5771.9999999999" and the error is not duplicated for those kelvin temperatures.

Interestingly, this error does not occur on Maple for Excel, only within the Maple desktop client....

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