Question: How do I create an animated plot of a 2-dimensional curve depending on two real parameters?


I am working on a 2-dimensional real curve gamma, that is being deformed by a real 2x2 matrix A and translated by some shift vector s. Both the matrix A and the vector s depend on two real parameters alpha and beta, which vary between 0 and 1. My goal is to create an animated plot that shows the curve depending on the parameters alpha and beta (ideally with some sort of slider, so I can play with different values of alpha and beta). I am having a hard time animating this, also because I am unsure if this is actually possible in Maple. The code I am working with is so far:

f := x -> exp(2*I*Pi*x);
CDFT := Matrix(3, 3, [[1, 1, 1], [1, f(1/3), f(2/3)], [1, f(2/3), f(1/3)]]);

al := 10/100;
be := 10/100;
lam1 := f(al);
lam2 := f(be);
lam3 := f(-al - be);
coef := (1/3*HermitianTranspose(CDFT)) . (Vector[column](3, [lam3, lam2, lam1]));
a := coef[1];
b := coef[2];
c := coef[3];

gam := t -> MatrixVectorMultiply(Matrix(2, 2, [[Re(a^2 + b*c), -Im(a^2 - b*c)], [Im(a^2 + b*c), Re(a^2 - b*c)]]), Vector[column](2, [cos(2*t) - 2*cos(t), sin(2*t) + 2*sin(t)])) + 3*Vector[column](2, [Re(b*c), Im(b*c)]);
P1 := plot([cos(2*t) - 2*cos(t), sin(2*t) + 2*sin(t), t = 0 .. 2*Pi], color = [blue]);
P2 := plot([gam(t)[1], gam(t)[2], t = 0 .. 2*Pi], color = [purple]);
plots:-display([P1, P2]);

Note that you can basically ignore everything up to the definition of the curve gam (short for gamma), apart from the definition of the parameters al and be (alpha and beta). The plot P1 corresponds to the "unperturbed curve", i.e. when we multiply the curve by the identity, which happens for alpha=beta=0. The plot P2 is now the deformed curve. The output is then:

My goal is now to animate this plot such that I can play with different values of alpha and beta, without having to manually insert them. How do I do this?

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