Question: I cannot solve this problem of drawing

point(A, xA, yA);
point(B, xB, yB);
point(C, xC, yC):
L3 := linestyle = 3
triangle(Tr, [A, B, C])
line(AP, [A, P]);
line(BP, [B, P]);
line(CP, [C, P]);
dr := draw([Tr(t3), AP(cbl, L3), BP(cbl, L3), CP(cbl, L3)]),
textplot([[coordinates(A)[], "A"], [coordinates(B)[], "B"], [coordinates(C)[], "C"]], align = {above, right});
display({dr, ellip}, scaling = constrained, axes = none, view = [-1 .. 14, -1 .. 11]);
Why doesn’t Maple show me the expected effect ? Thank you.

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