Question: Optional Python installation?

Currently, a stand-alone or embeddable Python is by default bundled with Maple and is installed silently (namely, without notification) when installing Maple, but why is there no prompt panel asking for Python configuration (just like Why does Maple ask for a Matlab installation when I install it? and Configuring the Maple Kernel for Jupyter)? 
Actually, I am wondering why I am not capable of installing Maple without bundling Python (even if I am able to clear those files in $MAPLE/Python.$SYS later). In my opinion, a bundling Python suite is more or less unnecessary; wouldn't it be better to provide a tooltip asking for approval? If one really need to interact with Python, one may instruct Maple to make use of some available local version of Python from the outset (rather than having to install an additional Python interpreter with numerous extra packages that occupy almost 2 GB!), and if one does not require such a functionality, one can simply skip the Python installation and free up 2GB immediately. So, will installing Python (or another popular external program, if it is going to be integrated or connected with Maple in future releases) be optional during the Maple installation process? 

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