Question: Mma to Maple of Monte Carlo Integration code

Hopefully, this is a question relating to Mathematica, which I find virtually unreadable, and the Statistics package, which I am minimally familiar with, that someone can answer quickly.

Hence, could someone translate the following Mathematica code into Maple code? (The MmaTranslator failed at the 2nd line.)

func[x_] := 1/(1 + Sinh[2*x]*(Log[x])^2);

Distrib[x_, average_, var_] :=   PDF[NormalDistribution[average, var], 1.1*x - 0.1];
n = 10;
RV = RandomVariate[TruncatedDistribution[{0.8, 3}, NormalDistribution[1, 0.399]], n];
Int = 1/n Total[func[RV]/Distrib[RV, 1, 0.399]]*Integrate[Distrib[x, 1, 0.399], {x, 0.8, 3}]
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