Question: On using StringTools:-RegSubs

I never used Maple's StringTools:-RegSubs before.

I have a Latex string generated by Maple that has this form

"......    \\textrm{ ......   }  .... "

Where the dots mean anything, including space characters.  I need to change the part of the string  "\\textrm{ ...... }" to this

"......  \\begin{minipage}{\\linewidth}\\textrm{  ......   }\\end{minipage}  .... "

It is easy to change the opening part. Here is an example

s:="A& B& \\textrm{The fundamental matrix has } &C ";


The problem is how to replace the closing "}"  with "}\\end{minipage}".   I can't just replace "}" with "}\\end{minipage}" using SubstituteAll because I need to only change the "}" that closes the corresponding "\\textrm{" and not any other "}" that could be in the string.

So I need to use pattern matching or regular expression substitutions. The examples in help are not easy to understand.


Basically I need regular expression that matches 

                        "\\textrm{ WILDCARD * }" 

and change it to 

                        "\\begin{minipage}{\\linewidth}\\textrm{ WILDCARD * }\\end{minipage}" 

Any one know how to use Maple's egular expression to do this substitution using the above example?

Maple 2024 on windows 10.


Thanks for the replies. I ended up writing small function that simply scan the string and do the replacement. 

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