Question: How to reproduce this nice output format

When executing the attached work sheet, the output

changes to

Why is that (local seetings maybe?) and how to reproduce the former, more compact output?

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This is obtained in Maple by writing the differential equation


q := diff(x(t),t) = k*(40 - 16/18*x(t))*(8 - 2/18*x(t));

diff(x(t), t) = k*(40-(8/9)*x(t))*(8-(1/9)*x(t))



and solving via the syntax


X := simplify(rhs(dsolve({q,x(0)=0},x(t))));




The differential equation is actually separable, and can be solved with the techniques of elementary calculus discussed in Section 3.1.


If an observation provides the data that at time t = 1 there were 6 grams of water, then the constant of proportionality k can be computed.  In Maple, the data point gives the equation


eq := eval(X, t=1) = 6;

(-360+360*exp((8/3)*k))/(8*exp((8/3)*k)-5) = 6



whose solution is


K := solve(eq,k);





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