Question: Adding labels to plots.

I'm graphing the quadratic form of a 2x2 matrix in maple TA. I've got the graph to display, but now I'm trying to add other things to it. So far I've been unable to figure out how to add a label or gridlines to the graph in Maple TA (adding gridlines in Maple is easy enough, but these don't show up in TA). Here's my code so far;


$plot=plotmaple("plots[multiple](plots[implicitplot], [$eigvs[1][1]*$eigvs[3][1]^2+$eigvs[1][2]*$eigvs[3][2]^2 = 48,x=-4..4, y=-4..4,gridrefine=2], [$eigvs[3][1], x=-5..5,y=-5..5, colour =black, linestyle=dash],[$eigvs[3][2], x=-5..5,y=-5..5, colour =black, linestyle=dash],view=[-4..4,-4..4]);

This gives me the graph I want, but I can't figure out how to add labels to the two dashed lines or how to add gridlines (or points) to the resulting graph. It'd also be nice to be able to move the x and y axis labels if anyone knows how to do that.

Any help or input is greatly appreciated, thanks for reading :)

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