Question: TA5 question repository

Can anyone tell me how to delete a set of questions? Yes it is clear how to delete one question. In earlier versions, there was a two step process in importing a question bank; one could import the question bank and then logout without  'saving' it if one did not want to keep the questions. When I import an existing question bank into v5, it seems to automatically save the questions. I now have a couple of hundred questions i want to delete!! The user guide on page 34 seems to refer to the method used in earlier versions.

In addition, if a question bank was edited locally, it could then be imported and would overwrite all questions in a question bank on the system if saved with the same name as the existing question bank in TA. This was useful in keeping an up to date question bank. In v5, duplicates of the questions seem to be created. Is it possible to overwrite rather than duplicate?

This issue has arisen as I have two courses which use the same question bank. Course 1 for example runs in semester 1 and, during the running of course 1, I have edited the question bank. I now load the course module for course 2 (from last year) for delivery in semester 2 and want to copy the up to date question bank from course 1 to course 2. I used to be able to simply overwrite this in v4.

Many thanks,

Ian Jones 

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