Question: A question on index reduction of equations in MapleSim

Hi there,

I am basically using MapleSim to obtain the equations of motion for mechanical systems and copy

pasting them into a separate Maple document and solvng them numerically. I could work with simple pendulum

and a two link manipulator. But in the case of a four bar mechansism since the system is a closed chain the

number of unknowns ended up being more than the number of equations. In this case, the joint reaction forces

came into play as unknowns. I know MapleSim intelligently does index reduction and solves these equations. But

if I have to solve these equations in a separate Maple document how do I go about eliminating the redundant/additional

unknowns? manually eliminating them is the only solution? In that case the process becomes extremely complicated

for complex systems. Is  there any intelligent way in which Maple deals with this kind of a situation?


Thank You

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