Question: Can anyone explain how assignments are stored in the database?

Although I am relatively new to Maple, Maple TA and postgreSQL, I am technically literate, but cannot find the answer to this question.  What I would like to do is pull off a SQL query that shows the answers given by all the students to one particular question, say worksheet 7 question 5.

However, a particular question seems to be held in the database as, say, answersheetitem.question=3 and answersheetitem.questiongroup=4, as in my current query, shown here:

****begin sql

select answersheetitem.question, answersheetitem.questiongroup,
user_profiles.uid, user_profiles.givenname,,
answersheetitem.searchableresponsestring, answersheetitem.serializedresponse, answersheetitem.grade, answersheetitem.comment
from answersheetitem, answersheetitem_grade, user_profiles


and answersheetitem.question=3
and answersheetitem.questiongroup=4

****end sql

How and where would I find the ralationship that says worksheet 7 question 5 corresponds to question 3 in questiongroup 4?  Currently I do this by writing a query that pulls out a record with a particular value that I know a student has entered in the field searchableresponsestring, then pick up the values of question and questiongroup from that, but it is less than satisfactory.

Any help appreciated, thanks for reading!


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