Question: 3-D system: how many solutions?

Hi there,

So my problem is to find the solution(s) of a 3-D system. I can get Maple to spit out a solution (at times), but I am looking for reassurance that this is indeed the solution (if unique, and if not what the other solutions may be). Increasing Digits makes Maple "lose" the solution and return a blank-- normal behavior? Looking at the 3-D plot of the system offers something to puzzle over.

I set up the system in  (x,c,q):

xd := x^.5-.1*x-c;
cd := (.5/x^.5-.1-q)*c;
qd := -(q-.2e-1)*(q-.3e-1)+(q-.25e-1)*(.5/x^.5-.1-q)*c/(x^.5-.1*x-c);

I look for a solution with fsolve:

Digits:=10: interface(displayprecision=10):
ss:= fsolve({xd,cd/c,qd}, {x,c,q}, avoid={x=0, c=0, q=0});
xs:=subs(ss,x): cs:=subs(ss,c): qs:=subs(ss,q):

Maple gives:

ss := {c = 2.399289639, q = .2511089584e-1, x = 15.97164840}

If I raise digits to 15, Maple can't solve it anymore. Perhaps this is normal behavior.

I'd like some reassurance that this solution is indeed a solution. Simply feeding the fsolve output back into the system will not work because of a division by zero:

eval(xd,{x=xs,c=cs,q=qs}); eval(cd,{x=xs,c=cs,q=qs}); eval(qd,{x=xs,c=cs,q=qs});



I decided to look at the 3-D plot. The plot of the system suggests that there may be several solutions.

The plot:

plotopts:=style=patchcontour, shading=none,lightmodel=light3,axes=boxed:
px:=implicitplot3d({xd}, x=0..25,c=0..5,q=0.02..0.05, numpoints=10000, plotopts, colour=brown): pc:=implicitplot3d({cd/c}, x=0..25,c=0..5,q=0.02..0.05, numpoints=10000, plotopts, colour=green):
pq:=implicitplot3d({qd}, x=0..25,c=0..5,q=0.02..0.05, numpoints=10000, plotopts, colour=blue):
display3d({pq}, orientation=[-25,70]);
display3d({px,pc,pq}, orientation=[95,90], projection=1);

plot of third equation
plot of 3-D system

The plot is not very clean, and no matter how hard I've tried, by turning it around and zooming near the Maple solution, it is not clear that there are no other solutions. (well perhaps it is clear from the equations themselves, but I couldn't work it out and resorted to the numerical approach)



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