Question: A question for developers, MapleTA in plain html

Well I had been using MapleTA for a long time now, and I'm really satisfied with the product itself and the e-Learning idea.

So i would like to use a MapleTA question in plain html, not in Blackboard neither in Moodle (that would be great at my college), but in plain html.


Imagine a web version of an Algebra book in wich it's shown how to invert matrix (something everyone must know when finish high school but nobody remembers in the first week of college), and at the botom there is a random problem when you can try to do it.

At this moment I'm solving this with a link to an anonymous assignment at the algebra 101 class, but it must be a way, to "connect" like a form that opens the anonymous assignment and press enter, an then shows the first question. Really, I don't know how, so I ask here,  if nobody knows how to do it I shall look the javascript and html code of the MapleTA.

Thanks and sorry for my english.


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