Question: Choose an interval?


I want to set up a question where students first should do some calculation (p-values actually). Next step would be to see if this value is an element of intervals given by me. It seems reasonable to attempt constructing a multiple choice question, but there could be alternatives. In the case of a MC, the alternatives could be like the following:

1. <0.005

2. 0.005-0.01

3. 0.01-0.02

4. 0.02-0.025

5. 0.025-0.05

6. 0.05-0.10

7. 0.10-0.15

8. >0.15

A possibly more elegant way would be to set up a question where students should enter the two closest values choosing from given interval limits (i e the limits above). Guess this could be done as either an inline question or a list question, but I don't see how it should be done.

Any suggestions?


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