Question: Latex

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Does anyone actually use the latex facility with MapleTA? The more I look into it, the more I think that's the software is too buggy to be useful (that's the view that is echoed in past forum posts by other users).

The Maple TA documentation stats that you can author questions using the question bank, .qu script file or latex. Is there any documentation regarding the .qu script files? I've found only basic documentation regarding latex.

As an aside by current latex problem is using 'Maple' type questions, e.g.


\qutext{What is the derivative of $x^2$?}

\type{formula} % to allow the student to enter "2x"

\maple{evalb($RESPONSE = diff(x^2,x));}


On the latex2edu conversion I get the following errors:

first.qu: Unknown mode "Maple" requested for qu.1.1.type

Unknown mode "Maple" requested for qu.1.1.question

Unknown mode "Maple" requested for

Unknown mode "Maple" requested for qu.1.1.maple

Unknown mode "Maple" requested for qu.1.1.mode

Topic 1 is not fully set

Topic 1 (A topic) is missing question number 1.

But the .qu file is OK. Any ideas?


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