Question: Worksheet crashing my system

Maple solves the 4 equations for the 4 unknown, although I eventually need to end up with just the real part.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. Once I get to the bottom of this worksheet and begin to try to extract (ie copy) each A1, A2, B1, B2, it freezes, my system stops functioning, to the point where I have to shut it down and restart it.

Trying a few times, I see that, once I load this worksheet in, and begin at restart, once it does the last calculation, if I right click on anything in the page, it just freezes up on me. I have to either get windows task manager to shut it down, which takes forever, since the mouse doesn't even work right, or I have to press the on/off switch on the computer to turn it off. No error messages or any indication that anything is wrong. it just stops working.


The worksheet is attached. Pls,Let me know if anyone can help

Thank you,


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