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Matteo 0 MapleSim

Hi all,

i would like to modify plot curves with different coloration in the optimization template coming from a maplesim document.

in the startup code of the maple 13 template i tried  to modify code in order to get the plot form with my custom design every time i open it, without the necessity to change again settings after each simulation.

The problem is that in the help section i don't find any examples about changing different expression curve propriety in a list of list and don't understand how to proceed.


       P := op(0,P)(convert(op(P),listlist));
       #P1 := plots:-display(ListTools:-Flatten(convert(op(P), listlist)));
    end if;

DocumentTools:-SetProperty(':-PlotOutput', ':-value', P);


P or P1 are two different way of rappresentation of plot curves, and with the last row is possible to obtain the plot curve visualization in the embedded plot window.

in P or P1 there are some expression (i suppose), what command could allow me to extract one of this and attribute it a different coloration in the plot window?

somebody have done something of similar?




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