Question: Problems with Maple 14 in Linux-Lucid Kubuntu


I am running Maple 14 in Linux-specifically the Lucid version of Kubuntu.  Sometimes Maple 14 just...goes away.  This may happen when I am trying to save or when I try to run some code I have written.  It has only happened in the classic worksheet interface as I am not using the Java interface much right now.  The situation is most peculiar and distressing.  Maple will apparently be running fine, and then suddenly the window vanishes, with no sign that the program had ever been running.  Also, sometimes when I try to save, only part of the file will save.

These things seem to happen mainly when I have opened the classic interface by clicking on a file associated with it, rather than opening the interface first.  However, the "Maple just vanished" trick definitely happened at least once when I had opened the interface first.  Amusingly, something very similar used to happen to the classic interface in Maple 11 running in Vista.

I already had Maple 14 installed in Karmic Kubuntu, then I upgraded Kubuntu when that became available.  Perhaps I should uninstall and then re-install?  I will also ask around in some of the Kubuntu discussion groups.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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