Question: How do I solve a parameter´s dependent non-linear equation system?

Dear all

I have a problem with a non linar equation systems. Basically it takes long time  to show me the results

The systems is the following,

R1 := -(1-y)*sqrt(1-x^2)-x*sqrt(1-y^2)+(1/4)*y*(x*sqrt(1-z^2)-z*sqrt(1-x^2))*J = 0;
R2 := -y*(sqrt(1-z^2)+sqrt(1-x^2))+(z+x)*sqrt(1-y^2)-(1/4)*sqrt(1-y^2)*(x*z+sqrt((1-x^2)*(1-z^2)))*J = 0;
R3 := -(1-y)*sqrt(1-z^2)-z*sqrt(1-y^2)-(1/4)*y*(x*sqrt(1-y^2)-y*sqrt(1-x^2))*J = 0;

solve({R1,R2,R3}, {x,y,z}) assuming J>0

Could one help me?

Thanks in advance



Of course x=y=z=1 is a trivial solution, but the problem is to get  solutions in function of J.

Many thanks in advance.

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