Question: array of vectors physics

Hey! I am pretty new to Maple, although I have a decent amount of experience programming in C++.  I am trying to simulate the physical properties of a baseball for a research project, and I was wondering how I can create an array of vector objects.  I know that the physics package supports vectors, and, in essence, I want to create an array that will store the 3 velocity components of a ball over 120 time intervals; however, If there is another data structures that would work better, I'd love to learn about it as well.

I'm sorry for the lack of an attempt towards solving this problem, but, to be entirely honest, I have no idea what the syntax is. 

Also, I was wondering if someone could direct me towards a good beginners book.  I picked up the Maple 13 introductory programming guide, but it hasn't been very helpful.

Thank you in advance.

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