Question: Plotting multiple graphs on one worksheet


I'm dealing with a complicated expression:

exp((1/6)*kappa*R^2-0.5000000000e-1/R)*sqrt(x)-1+(1/2)*kappa*exp((1/6)*kappa*R^2-0.5000000000e-1/R)/(sqrt(x)*(1+coth(exp((1/6)*kappa*R^2-0.5000000000e-1/R)*sqrt(x))))-(1/6)*kappa*(exp((1/6)*kappa*R^2-0.5000000000e-1/R))^2+0.5000000000e-1/exp((1/6)*kappa*R^2-0.5000000000e-1/R) = 0.


I want to plot various graphs of kappa vs x for different values of R on one axis. How is this possible in Maple? I'm guessing I need to use the subs command for each individual plot. Any help would be much appreciated.



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