Question: Replace assumed variables with values

Hi all,


I needed to create assumed variables for a problem I´m working on. After working on them in a last step I need to replace the assumptions with values so as to get a real number. - I don´t want to define values to the variables from the beginning as I want to avoid rounding errors and I don´t know any other way around the problem.

Giving you the exact problem would be bit too complicated, but you might get to know what I would like to do with this example:


> assume(0 <= alpha);

> f := alpha^2;


> unassign('alpha');

> alpha := 2;


> f;



I want Maple to give the solution of f (in this case) as 2^2=4 and not still handling the transformed variable. I already tried with the command interface(showassumed=0) but that only hides the ~ but won´t change anything with the handling of the transformation.

Thanks for any help with solving this problem.



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