Question: How to work on a piecewise variable?

Hi all,

is there some way to handle piecewise functions as if they were just another equation? In this case I´ve got a piecewise in 4 segments, one of them empty. The other segments are equations that solve a function for a variable under constraints, i.e. it shows somewhat like:

{(conditions1), q[O]=(...), (conditions2), q[O]=(...), (conditions3), q[O]=(...), else, []}

(I hope you get what I mean. The piecewise is a tad long and I wouldn´t know how to copy it so you could directly read it.)

Now, I need to work with q[O] and it´s conditions but I don´t know how to. What I need to do is work on another equation in which q[O] is a variable. I tried to define the piecewise itself as q[O] but first of course it gave me the error message "recursive argument" and secondly I wasn´t sure whether this would work the way I would like it to.

Would I be able to use this piecewise as a "normal" function if I somehow only had the rhs of the equations in the piecewise instead of q[O]=(...) as:

{(conditions1), (...), (conditions2), (...), (conditions3), (...), else, []}

and defining this transformed piecewise as q[O]? And if this is possible, how do I do that?


Let me know if I didn´t make myself clear enough in any aspect.

Thanks a lot for any comment/help.


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