Question: How can we display an UNsimplified expression in a Mathcontainer Component?


I'd like to display a UNsimplified mathematical expression in a Mathcontainer component using a Button component. In Maple Help under Mathcontainer, it is writing that we can display a unsimplified expression using the value attribut. For example:

Do(%Mathcontainer0(value) = a^2*b/a);

should display the unsimplified expression in the Mathcontainer0 component. And

 Do(%Mathcontainer0(expression) = a^2*b/a);

should display the simplified expression in the Mathcontainer0 component.

Unfortunately, both displays the same, which is the simplified expression ab.

I also used the following, but it produced the same result.

SetProperty('MathContainer0', 'value', a^2*b/a);

SetProperty('MathContainer0', 'expression', a^2*b/a);


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